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Why is He the Greatest Dancer?

Music is the key that opens the rhythm of the soul. So therefore, is the greatest dancer the one with the most rhythm in his soul? After all, he has the key.

Today, to contemplate how you will make yourself better in 2019, I want to ask you the question “what makes a successful man? What makes the greatest dancer?” But first you must listen to this song:

The greatest dancer has all the moves. Others striving to dance look up to him as an example. Examples are exactly what the youth of the future will need as the youth of today strive to become examples for themselves. The man with the most success on the dance floor doesn’t dance alone. He has a partner. He has a team, and without others dancing around him he would have no cause to dance.

Urban Links Kelowna wants you to really think about this. Do you dance alone? Do you need a partner?

Pick up your legs and open your arms. See all that you can do alone and compare to all that you could do if you could only link up with a business partner or even a whole team in Kelowna BC today. You have the power! You can become the greatest dancer, whether you’re male or female or under any category that man has invented, except, of course, the category of being alone. Being alone as a business owner is an option, a choice and now, in 2019, it is the time for you to grow and expand, to show the young people of today the miracles that can happen for a dancer in the struggle who has overcome their problems. It’s time to grow up. It’s time to unleash your dancing powers in the business world!

Have a great 2019!

When January is almost over and you’ve shown yourself what you can do by setting new limits for yourself, you’ll then be ready to listen to this song with a new light:


Nothing can stop the return of the determined human being who has a dream that only they can see, a dream that would benefit millions of people across the world! Let everyone around you know that you are “back to run the show!” You have stared your demons in the face and have killed them. You have cleansed your spirit. You are the greatest dancer!

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