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Social Distancing + 2020 = More Private Gardens & Personal Landscaping

One thing I’ve noticed taking lonely walks around Kelowna BC is the number of beautiful gardens in people’s yards since social distancing began in March. Now, in late May, just in time for spring, many people have taken to gardening or doing their own landscaping as they look for something to do and try to contribute to the social distancing rules. I’ve been talking with Kelowna landscaping companies and many of them have taken a hit from the on-pause economy but with more people staying home then ever the work for them has evened out as home owners put more thought into what their front yard looks like.

The answer to the equation is more beautiful gardens to enjoy as you meander through Kelowna. I’m sure the same is happening in many cities around the world. And though I care for everyone impacted by the corona virus I’m very grateful for this positive side-effect.

Before on Urban Links Kelowna we talked about how businesses are helping business. Another thing I’m surprised to see in 2020 is more of that, businesses helping businesses. I’m surprised because I expected businesses to get more competitive during the hard times but actually people are lending their help to their struggling neighbors and it’s really great to see.

I look forward to see all the garden landscapes that are now being worked on once they’re finished. I have a feeling this is going to be a very beautiful summer!

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