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The Best Quality Landscaping Kelowna Offers (Review)

Welcome back to Urban Links Kelowna, your go-to blog for news and business reviews in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Today, we have something special for you, especially if you’re looking to update and upgrade your property landscape.

For our special post today we’ll be reviewing the services of what we believe to be the best landscaping company on this side of BC. Coming from first hand experience myself and by my friends, Landscaping Kelowna Pros, although they’re a relatively newer company, deserves every ounce of praise our city can offer. I’ll explain why I think they’re the best. But first I want to talk about my experience with them and what they did for me.

My Experience with Landscaping Kelowna Pros

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During the busy season (which is now), this company has a $5,000 minimum for projects, which makes sense because there are plenty of smaller landscaping companies in the city who will gladly take on smaller jobs. This price didn’t deter me because I was seeking the best Kelowna offers. And I think I found it after they installed a new turf in my front and back yards, contracted a new fence and did some amazing hardscaping to build a retaining wall above my new pond.

Besides this, they also trimmed my hedges, planted some beautiful bushes around the perimeter of my property, and most importantly gave me some tips and advice in person on how to maintain a healthy residential landscape for my other properties. During the winter when they’re not so busy, they don’t have a minimum price amount for projects so I’ll definitely be calling them for the best landscaping Kelowna brings to the table when it comes time to need maintenance. And I suggest you do too, unless you’ve been working with the same company for years. I’m the kind of person who likes to stay loyal to local businesses too but the last landscaping company I worked with (won’t say their name) made many mistakes and weren’t very polite, which wasn’t the case for the Pros.

Why this Company is the Best!

I will give 7 major reasons why this company is the best. Remember, this is just my opinion and not necessarily the truth. I haven’t owned property long enough to work with every single landscaping company Kelowna offers, but I have worked with many and have friends who worked with more. Some of these 7 points other companies offer, but the point here is that Landscaping Kelowna Pros offers them all! So here are the 7 reasons:

  1. They provide fast, free quotes on time, and they’re very polite about it.
  2. They do more than just typical landscaping services, also offering irrigation, drainage, masonry, carpentry, tree services, etc.
  3. They work fast with a highly efficient workforce of young and motivated men and women.
  4. They’re locally owned and operated.
  5. They happily pay their taxes every year, a legit company that works to boost the Canadian economy.
  6. They’re just about the friendliest and most polite team of workers I’ve ever spoken to.
  7. Most importantly, although they may be more expensive than other Kelowna landscapers, the superb quality of their end results is untouchable. In other words, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re the best landscapers in BC let alone just our city.

Once again, remember that this review is just my opinion. My experience comes from living in Kelowna all my life and I’m not the only person in my circle who has this opinion. I’ve also watched many YouTube videos to learn more about landscaping which has helped to develop my opinion. Here’s a great video to watch below:

If you enjoyed this business review then stick around for more in the future, or check back at our older posts to see what we’ve been up to over the years. We’re always glad to have you here. Have a good day, Kelowna!

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