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A Meeting at Dave’s House: Private Event Announcement

Hello everyone who was at the party last week. This is the official announcement that we’ll be interviewing more artists and hosting a recession with free wine and cheese at Dave’s house tomorrow starting at 3 P.M.. There will be an exhibition of different local art in the living room and Dave himself will be stepping on the the slate of the fireplace to give a warm welcome and a lecture on Egyptian boats. We’ll have opportunities for many people to get together and connect in Kelowna BC.

Details of Event:

Kelowna, BC, CANADA

Dave’s House

March 1st, 3 P.M.

kelowna event

If you don’t know who Dave is email us and we’ll settle things out, but every body this post was shared to can feel free to arrive at the event tomorrow and have a good time. Stephany siad she’ll be bringing a four-foot-tall monkey cake!

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