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Urban Life 101

Having lived in urban areas my whole life, this is a quick post for people who are moving to a city for the first time. If you grew up in the country and don’t know what to expect, here are 8 things you can expect no matter what city you’re moving to. This goes for Kelowna BC and all other cities around the world–8 universal aspects of urban life.

8 Universal Aspects of urban Life

  1. Every city has wealthier and poorer neighborhoods.
  2. Not every city has good police, and by good police I mean they’re not a-holes. So get to know them before you do something stupid. But at the end of the day every city has good cops, even if it’s just a few. Show them respect at all times for the safest bet. Then again you should respect everyone in your city, for that’s a secret to longevity.
  3. Every city has a nightlife, but some are just smaller than others.
  4. Every city has rush hour, a time near the end of the work day when street traffic is slower than usual.
  5. Whether it’s monkeys, crows, or raccoons, every city has a nighttime pest, so if you keep your garbage outside make sure its secure so you don’t wake up with your garbage scattered all over the driveway.
  6. Every city has a favorite radio station.
  7. Every city has a favorite buy and sell website for used items online.
  8. Every city has a favorite sports team. For Kelowna BC, it’s the Vancouver Canucks.
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