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More on the Secret to Longevity: Advice for Beginners

The other day we talked about longevity and how to achieve it for experienced people who are looking for more. Now I want to touch up and talk more generally for beginners in the business world. As we all know, Kelowna BC is a great place to start out a professional career because we’re in the beautiful British Columbia. Now, if you’re just starting out, finding a team, as you’ll expect, is something we’d recommend. But what else is useful for longevity?

Here’s a list of 5 things you should do when starting out if longevity is your goal.

  1. Know your end goal. I mean the end goal. Beyond retirement if possible. Know how you want to finish.
  2. Learn as much as you can early on. Some people just learn enough to get started and never truly become masters. If you learn the master material while you’re getting started, you’ll get a jump start.
  3. Be kind to your competition. Having enemies is bad for longevity, because if they outlive you they can sabotage your legacy and you can’t do anything about it. Be kind to your competition and they’ll hopefully leave your legacy alone.
  4. Hire wisely. Don’t just hire people who you know you can pay less. Having one experienced employee who does things properly and is paid well is better than 3 poorly paid, poorly working employees.
  5. Truly understand what “longevity” means. Google the definition and understand it. Only then can you truly achieve it knowingly.

I hope that helps. This post was done in a reply to a request from a friend in Kelowna BC.

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