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Kelowna Appliance Service Company Finds Secret to Longevity

Here at Urban Links Kelowna, we love hearing new stories about local business success because everyone gets to benefit from reading about it. Today, we want to share some exciting news about an appliance repair company in Kelowna BC that has found the secret to longevity in the business world. Now this secret is kind of cliche, so in other words it’s not really a secret, but the real secret is in stressing the importance of actually putting this cliche into practice, which most companies idealize and romanticize about doing but never actually do.

Now what is Appliance Repair Kelowna’s secret to longevity?

This technique could work for every business. The other day I was speaking with one Luke who does full time major household appliance repair for residential areas around Westbank BC and he described the way any business can assure long-term support from their clientele. The secret is customer satisfaction and putting the customer above nothing else but safety. “Safety should always be number one,” Luke tells us, “but second to that is making sure all the customers questions are answered and all their needs fulfilled. Only then will they agree to call you a second time in the future.” Indeed, Luke tells us that providing fridge repair, for example, is something many Kelowna appliance repair companies see as a one time service and they never plan to have that customer again. But, … “appliance repair is just like dentistry, and even a dentist with very few customers can stay in business if those few customers keep coming back to him.”

In other words, making sure all appliance repair Kelowna services are handled with utmost care is crucial and key to longevity. Really, nothing is more important to any business’ health than having a loyal customer base. Over the years, Luke has seen the detrimental affects of having one appliance repair mechanic on the team who doesn’t treat customers right, and this has lost the company many loved customers that have been with them for years. Appliance Repair Kelowna doesn’t hesitate from firing these people, and by keeping the staff that actually is kind and polite to people is, in his words, “the only reason why we’re still fixing domestic appliances in Kelowna BC today.”

To crystalize this concept, Luke gave me eight things to remember:

  1. One loyal customer is more valuable than ten unloyal customers.
  2. The reputation of a business for customer satisfaction is it’s life.
  3. Even in the largest city in the world, it’s possible to do business for the entire population and once you displeased each individual, no one besides visitors will ever call again.
  4. In a world of competition, a company seeking longevity must use every tool in it’s disposal, and satisfying customers is the best tool ever.
  5. Keeping customers smiling is the same as keeping your dinner plate full.
  6. Not just for Kelowna businesses, this law of service is global.
  7. There’s no better way to ensure that a customer calls you back than giving them a 1 year warranty.
  8. Finally, for ultra longevity, you must be willing to bend down and do whatever it takes to please the most hardest to please of clients.

So there we go. Us at your local Kelowna BC news group hope you can benefit from this knowledge and we hope it inspires you to reach success. Until next time, stay connected!

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