Don’t Be the One… Be “Part of the Team!” (A Poem)

Doing everything yourself isn’t impossible, but it’s difficult.

Overcoming, by yourself, every obstacle isn’t mystical.

You chose to struggle harder without a team.

With countless opportunities to build your dream.

With hands to grab and show the way, you shouldered all the blame today.

Refusing to grab a hand, determined to make a stand. Who’s to blame today?

You think success is greater, when all the credit’s yours.

But how can it be greater when the celebrations over?

No one’s at the party, no one to take things over.

You reached your goal, but here you are, finally ready to partner.

Now that you’ve made it you want a link, an urban link in Kelowna.

But the people you hire, the people you train, call you a monster.

They do not know what you did to make things prosper.

If only you had a partner who knew the process.

You’re stuck doing things alone forever…


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