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Urban Life 101

Having lived in urban areas my whole life, this is a quick post for people who are moving to a city for the first time. If you grew up in the country and don’t know what to expect, here are 8 things you can expect no matter what city you’re moving to. This goes for Kelowna BC and all other cities around the world–8 universal aspects of urban life.

8 Universal Aspects of urban Life

  1. Every city has wealthier and poorer neighborhoods.
  2. Not every city has good police, and by good police I mean they’re not a-holes. So get to know them before you do something stupid. But at the end of the day every city has good cops, even if it’s just a few. Show them respect at all times for the safest bet. Then again you should respect everyone in your city, for that’s a secret to longevity.
  3. Every city has a nightlife, but some are just smaller than others.
  4. Every city has rush hour, a time near the end of the work day when street traffic is slower than usual.
  5. Whether it’s monkeys, crows, or raccoons, every city has a nighttime pest, so if you keep your garbage outside make sure its secure so you don’t wake up with your garbage scattered all over the driveway.
  6. Every city has a favorite radio station.
  7. Every city has a favorite buy and sell website for used items online.
  8. Every city has a favorite sports team. For Kelowna BC, it’s the Vancouver Canucks.
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local business in kelowna bc canada

Example of Kelowna Business Helping Kelowna Business

How Appliance Repair Service Providers Help Towing Companies in Kelowna, British Columbia!

It’s amazing to see businesses helping other local businesses rather than seeing them greedily compete. One great example of this is when a towing company needs some sort of appliance repair service. In Kelowna BC, this happens all the time, and we already shared a post about appliance mechanics helping tow truck drivers. It’s great to see and we love it.

What can you do to help other businesses in your community? Take an example from the friendly Canadians over here in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada and see miracles happen. This is not a competition. We only get to benefit from helping each other out. Grab a new business partner and watch yourself grow. That’s the beauty of working together, and people in Kelowna seem to know that well.

Here are five things you should take away from this:

  1. Tow truck drivers need appliance repair services, too.
  2. Appliance repair technicians also need towing services now and then.
  3. Every business needs help from other businesses as some points.
  4. So we’re better off working together like true Canadians in Kelowna BC.
  5. Next time you need assistance don’t be shy to ask for help from competing business owners! Make them your allies!
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