Don’t Be the One… Be “Part of the Team!” (A Poem)

Doing everything yourself isn’t impossible, but it’s difficult.

Overcoming, by yourself, every obstacle isn’t mystical.

You chose to struggle harder without a team.

With countless opportunities to build your dream.

With hands to grab and show the way, you shouldered all the blame today.

Refusing to grab a hand, determined to make a stand. Who’s to blame today?

You think success is greater, when all the credit’s yours.

But how can it be greater when the celebrations over?

No one’s at the party, no one to take things over.

You reached your goal, but here you are, finally ready to partner.

Now that you’ve made it you want a link, an urban link in Kelowna.

But the people you hire, the people you train, call you a monster.

They do not know what you did to make things prosper.

If only you had a partner who knew the process.

You’re stuck doing things alone forever…


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Get Linked! (Why You Should Partner Up in Kelowna BC)

Hey, you! Yeah I’m talking to you. Get linked, pal!


Linking up with a business partner means never doing things alone again. If you’re a business owner you know how hard it is to do everything yourself, so I’ll save you from that spiel (though there may be a post about that in the future for non-business owners).

There are hundreds and hundreds of benefits to having business partners on the top of my head, but I’m only going to share a few of the major ones today on this post. If you’re in urban Kelowna and are just starting out with your business, imagine how great it would feel to have someone you can call when you’re feeling stressed about something or you need a little help. What makes a good business partner is also something that needs a dedicated post, but I’ll quickly say a good business partner is someone who shoulders the burden with you. Making difficult decisions on your own can be rewarding but dangerous. Linking up with someone who knows your field or industry better than you do means you’ll make less mistakes.

So if you don’t have a business partner in Kelowna yet, start looking and come back later to read some amazing information we can’t wait to share. I plan to tell my story and how I made it big in Kelowna by partnering up with the right people.

To leave you today, I want to finish with a brief list of the reasons why it’s a good idea to have at least one partner involved in the administration and moderation of your business, someone with the same rank as you.

  1. If employees don’t like you, there’s still a chance they’ll like your co-owner.
  2. Growing your business in a new city means doing only half the work, or doing all of it while your partner handles the work back in Kelowna.
  3. Having staff parties are way more exciting when it’s not just your friends and staff who show up. Your partner can invite people too!
  4. Getting loans for new projects is easier when the banks know there isn’t just one person responsible for paying it back.

These are just some things you may have not thought about yet. In the near future we plan to share all the other hundreds of reasons why a partner is a good idea. So stay tuned!

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