A Towing Company in Kelowna BC Joins a Team!

Here at Urban Links Kelowna we’re all about inspiring people in our hometown to connect and partner up with local business partners to create stronger teams. There’s no use working alone, especially when a team can push your goals to completion much faster and you can at the same time help others reach their goals. Today, we want to celebrate a company–namely Kelowna Towing and Tow Truck Services–who reached out and got linked up after being inspired by our blog! It’s amazing what teamwork can do and already this tow truck Kelowna company has made leaps and bounds after taking our advice and partnering up with mechanics in the area as well as gas stations to optimize their efficiency.

As you might know, towing companies across Canada also provide fuel deliver services for people who run out of gas on the road, and so having connections with gas stations in Kelowna BC is a great move for any towing business. Also, even tow trucks need repairs and maintenance, and so linking up with local mechanics is also brilliant as they now get discounts for getting their trucks fixed. This company has made amazing efforts to really bring a team together, and they’re not the only people to benefit. If people at the gas stations or mechanic shops also need various towing services like emergency roadside assistance or flat tire repair then they, too, get discounts. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved and proves a great example of what can get done by being open to partnering up with other businesses. That’s what Urban Links Kelowna is all about, which is why we’re so happy to share this news, especially as we haven’t posted in a while.


How Can This Inspire You To Do The Same?

Take this story as proof that businesses putting aside their egos and working together with other business really promotes speedy growth and lucrative results. After all, even big companies like Amazon must work and partner up with hundreds of other businesses across the world to make their services possible. Creating opportunities for people to find you and team up with your efforts is absolutely genius because you can find business partners without even trying. For example, you can create a post on your company website advertising your hopes to find enthusiastic businesses willing to benefit by working together with you. You’ll be amazed at what kind of feedback and people come your way as you’ll discover that there are other geniuses out there looking for a team, too.

How Else Can You Do What This Towing Company Did?

There are many ways to create a good network of businesses that work together to find new avenues to exploit in the business world. Here’s a list just to get started, as this is something we’ll continue to cover in the future.

  • You can call other companies that you think might be able to benefit from working with you and offer them a deal. For example many taxi companies do this for airports and many restaurants do this for appliance repair companies.
  • You can run an ad in a local Kelowna BC newspaper and state that you’re looking for opportunities to grow with other businesses, which in fact is exactly what our towing company did to connect with mechanics.
  • If you know exactly who you’d like to team up with, it might be wise to go in person to their location and present yourself professional with a typed and printed proposal. Explain in detail exactly what both sides of the coin can benefit from by working together. For instance, if you’re a welding shop you could team up with a powder coating business to get discounts on painting metal railings and they can gain a new steady customer.


The opportunities are endless. But just remember, an opportunity is something you create, not something that just happens. Opportunities like what our friends over at Kelowna Towing and Tow Truck Services created didn’t happen because they were sitting on their butts. It happened because they went out searching and acted. That’s one of the great misconceptions about opportunities and is frankly why many people don’t get them. It takes initiative and planning to get what you want, and if you just wait for luck to come by and slap fortune in your lap then you might be waiting for a very long time. So keep your eyes peeled and remember that joining a team is a very good idea. Working alone is hard and strenuous. So be inspired by the people who make things happen and see how things can improve.

Here at Urban Links Kelowna, we guarantee you that if you offer services that people need, there’s always a partner out their who you can help and who can help you make your services either better, cheaper or more efficient. We hope this news has inspired you to take the next step towards making your business a great success. Don’t be shy and magic will happen. You have our word.

Until next time, stay sharp and stay active!

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