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Social Distancing + 2020 = More Private Gardens & Personal Landscaping

One thing I’ve noticed taking lonely walks around Kelowna BC is the number of beautiful gardens in people’s yards since social distancing began in March. Now, in late May, just in time for spring, many people have taken to gardening or doing their own landscaping as they look for something to do and try to contribute to the social distancing rules. I’ve been talking with Kelowna landscaping companies and many of them have taken a hit from the on-pause economy but with more people staying home then ever the work for them has evened out as home owners put more thought into what their front yard looks like.

The answer to the equation is more beautiful gardens to enjoy as you meander through Kelowna. I’m sure the same is happening in many cities around the world. And though I care for everyone impacted by the corona virus I’m very grateful for this positive side-effect.

Before on Urban Links Kelowna we talked about how businesses are helping business. Another thing I’m surprised to see in 2020 is more of that, businesses helping businesses. I’m surprised because I expected businesses to get more competitive during the hard times but actually people are lending their help to their struggling neighbors and it’s really great to see.

I look forward to see all the garden landscapes that are now being worked on once they’re finished. I have a feeling this is going to be a very beautiful summer!

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local business in kelowna bc canada

Example of Kelowna Business Helping Kelowna Business

How Appliance Repair Service Providers Help Towing Companies in Kelowna, British Columbia!

It’s amazing to see businesses helping other local businesses rather than seeing them greedily compete. One great example of this is when a towing company needs some sort of appliance repair service. In Kelowna BC, this happens all the time, and we already shared a post about appliance mechanics helping tow truck drivers. It’s great to see and we love it.

What can you do to help other businesses in your community? Take an example from the friendly Canadians over here in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada and see miracles happen. This is not a competition. We only get to benefit from helping each other out. Grab a new business partner and watch yourself grow. That’s the beauty of working together, and people in Kelowna seem to know that well.

Here are five things you should take away from this:

  1. Tow truck drivers need appliance repair services, too.
  2. Appliance repair technicians also need towing services now and then.
  3. Every business needs help from other businesses as some points.
  4. So we’re better off working together like true Canadians in Kelowna BC.
  5. Next time you need assistance don’t be shy to ask for help from competing business owners! Make them your allies!
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Kelowna BC

More on the Secret to Longevity: Advice for Beginners

The other day we talked about longevity and how to achieve it for experienced people who are looking for more. Now I want to touch up and talk more generally for beginners in the business world. As we all know, Kelowna BC is a great place to start out a professional career because we’re in the beautiful British Columbia. Now, if you’re just starting out, finding a team, as you’ll expect, is something we’d recommend. But what else is useful for longevity?

Here’s a list of 5 things you should do when starting out if longevity is your goal.

  1. Know your end goal. I mean the end goal. Beyond retirement if possible. Know how you want to finish.
  2. Learn as much as you can early on. Some people just learn enough to get started and never truly become masters. If you learn the master material while you’re getting started, you’ll get a jump start.
  3. Be kind to your competition. Having enemies is bad for longevity, because if they outlive you they can sabotage your legacy and you can’t do anything about it. Be kind to your competition and they’ll hopefully leave your legacy alone.
  4. Hire wisely. Don’t just hire people who you know you can pay less. Having one experienced employee who does things properly and is paid well is better than 3 poorly paid, poorly working employees.
  5. Truly understand what “longevity” means. Google the definition and understand it. Only then can you truly achieve it knowingly.

I hope that helps. This post was done in a reply to a request from a friend in Kelowna BC.

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appliance repair kelowna

Kelowna Appliance Service Company Finds Secret to Longevity

Here at Urban Links Kelowna, we love hearing new stories about local business success because everyone gets to benefit from reading about it. Today, we want to share some exciting news about an appliance repair company in Kelowna BC that has found the secret to longevity in the business world. Now this secret is kind of cliche, so in other words it’s not really a secret, but the real secret is in stressing the importance of actually putting this cliche into practice, which most companies idealize and romanticize about doing but never actually do.

Now what is Appliance Repair Kelowna’s secret to longevity?

This technique could work for every business. The other day I was speaking with one Luke who does full time major household appliance repair for residential areas around Westbank BC and he described the way any business can assure long-term support from their clientele. The secret is customer satisfaction and putting the customer above nothing else but safety. “Safety should always be number one,” Luke tells us, “but second to that is making sure all the customers questions are answered and all their needs fulfilled. Only then will they agree to call you a second time in the future.” Indeed, Luke tells us that providing fridge repair, for example, is something many Kelowna appliance repair companies see as a one time service and they never plan to have that customer again. But, … “appliance repair is just like dentistry, and even a dentist with very few customers can stay in business if those few customers keep coming back to him.”

In other words, making sure all appliance repair Kelowna services are handled with utmost care is crucial and key to longevity. Really, nothing is more important to any business’ health than having a loyal customer base. Over the years, Luke has seen the detrimental affects of having one appliance repair mechanic on the team who doesn’t treat customers right, and this has lost the company many loved customers that have been with them for years. Appliance Repair Kelowna doesn’t hesitate from firing these people, and by keeping the staff that actually is kind and polite to people is, in his words, “the only reason why we’re still fixing domestic appliances in Kelowna BC today.”

To crystalize this concept, Luke gave me eight things to remember:

  1. One loyal customer is more valuable than ten unloyal customers.
  2. The reputation of a business for customer satisfaction is it’s life.
  3. Even in the largest city in the world, it’s possible to do business for the entire population and once you displeased each individual, no one besides visitors will ever call again.
  4. In a world of competition, a company seeking longevity must use every tool in it’s disposal, and satisfying customers is the best tool ever.
  5. Keeping customers smiling is the same as keeping your dinner plate full.
  6. Not just for Kelowna businesses, this law of service is global.
  7. There’s no better way to ensure that a customer calls you back than giving them a 1 year warranty.
  8. Finally, for ultra longevity, you must be willing to bend down and do whatever it takes to please the most hardest to please of clients.

So there we go. Us at your local Kelowna BC news group hope you can benefit from this knowledge and we hope it inspires you to reach success. Until next time, stay connected!

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kelowna bc ca

April 2019 Blog Update for Urban Links Kelowna, BC, CA

Lately we’ve been focusing our efforts on Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, because, well, we’re a Kelowna News group after all, independent as we might be. But, as you’ll learn, we also love all other locations in British Columbia, and so we thought we might be covering news that isn’t from Kelowna more often from now on. We just wanted to share this because we have found that our Kelowna News has been less these days and we might might all benefit, both our public platform for connecting businesses in Kelowna and our readership if we also focused on neighboring communities around Kelowna that might want to link up and urbanize with our readers.

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dave's party

A Meeting at Dave’s House: Private Event Announcement

Hello everyone who was at the party last week. This is the official announcement that we’ll be interviewing more artists and hosting a recession with free wine and cheese at Dave’s house tomorrow starting at 3 P.M.. There will be an exhibition of different local art in the living room and Dave himself will be stepping on the the slate of the fireplace to give a warm welcome and a lecture on Egyptian boats. We’ll have opportunities for many people to get together and connect in Kelowna BC.

Details of Event:

Kelowna, BC, CANADA

Dave’s House

March 1st, 3 P.M.

kelowna event

If you don’t know who Dave is email us and we’ll settle things out, but every body this post was shared to can feel free to arrive at the event tomorrow and have a good time. Stephany siad she’ll be bringing a four-foot-tall monkey cake!

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A Towing Company in Kelowna BC Joins a Team!

Here at Urban Links Kelowna we’re all about inspiring people in our hometown to connect and partner up with local business partners to create stronger teams. There’s no use working alone, especially when a team can push your goals to completion much faster and you can at the same time help others reach their goals. Today, we want to celebrate a company–namely Kelowna Towing and Tow Truck Services–who reached out and got linked up after being inspired by our blog! It’s amazing what teamwork can do and already this tow truck Kelowna company has made leaps and bounds after taking our advice and partnering up with mechanics in the area as well as gas stations to optimize their efficiency.

As you might know, towing companies across Canada also provide fuel deliver services for people who run out of gas on the road, and so having connections with gas stations in Kelowna BC is a great move for any towing business. Also, even tow trucks need repairs and maintenance, and so linking up with local mechanics is also brilliant as they now get discounts for getting their trucks fixed. This company has made amazing efforts to really bring a team together, and they’re not the only people to benefit. If people at the gas stations or mechanic shops also need various towing services like emergency roadside assistance or flat tire repair then they, too, get discounts. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved and proves a great example of what can get done by being open to partnering up with other businesses. That’s what Urban Links Kelowna is all about, which is why we’re so happy to share this news, especially as we haven’t posted in a while.


How Can This Inspire You To Do The Same?

Take this story as proof that businesses putting aside their egos and working together with other business really promotes speedy growth and lucrative results. After all, even big companies like Amazon must work and partner up with hundreds of other businesses across the world to make their services possible. Creating opportunities for people to find you and team up with your efforts is absolutely genius because you can find business partners without even trying. For example, you can create a post on your company website advertising your hopes to find enthusiastic businesses willing to benefit by working together with you. You’ll be amazed at what kind of feedback and people come your way as you’ll discover that there are other geniuses out there looking for a team, too.

How Else Can You Do What This Towing Company Did?

There are many ways to create a good network of businesses that work together to find new avenues to exploit in the business world. Here’s a list just to get started, as this is something we’ll continue to cover in the future.

  • You can call other companies that you think might be able to benefit from working with you and offer them a deal. For example many taxi companies do this for airports and many restaurants do this for appliance repair companies.
  • You can run an ad in a local Kelowna BC newspaper and state that you’re looking for opportunities to grow with other businesses, which in fact is exactly what our towing company did to connect with mechanics.
  • If you know exactly who you’d like to team up with, it might be wise to go in person to their location and present yourself professional with a typed and printed proposal. Explain in detail exactly what both sides of the coin can benefit from by working together. For instance, if you’re a welding shop you could team up with a powder coating business to get discounts on painting metal railings and they can gain a new steady customer.


The opportunities are endless. But just remember, an opportunity is something you create, not something that just happens. Opportunities like what our friends over at Kelowna Towing and Tow Truck Services created didn’t happen because they were sitting on their butts. It happened because they went out searching and acted. That’s one of the great misconceptions about opportunities and is frankly why many people don’t get them. It takes initiative and planning to get what you want, and if you just wait for luck to come by and slap fortune in your lap then you might be waiting for a very long time. So keep your eyes peeled and remember that joining a team is a very good idea. Working alone is hard and strenuous. So be inspired by the people who make things happen and see how things can improve.

Here at Urban Links Kelowna, we guarantee you that if you offer services that people need, there’s always a partner out their who you can help and who can help you make your services either better, cheaper or more efficient. We hope this news has inspired you to take the next step towards making your business a great success. Don’t be shy and magic will happen. You have our word.

Until next time, stay sharp and stay active!

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Why is He the Greatest Dancer?

Music is the key that opens the rhythm of the soul. So therefore, is the greatest dancer the one with the most rhythm in his soul? After all, he has the key.

Today, to contemplate how you will make yourself better in 2019, I want to ask you the question “what makes a successful man? What makes the greatest dancer?” But first you must listen to this song:

The greatest dancer has all the moves. Others striving to dance look up to him as an example. Examples are exactly what the youth of the future will need as the youth of today strive to become examples for themselves. The man with the most success on the dance floor doesn’t dance alone. He has a partner. He has a team, and without others dancing around him he would have no cause to dance.

Urban Links Kelowna wants you to really think about this. Do you dance alone? Do you need a partner?

Pick up your legs and open your arms. See all that you can do alone and compare to all that you could do if you could only link up with a business partner or even a whole team in Kelowna BC today. You have the power! You can become the greatest dancer, whether you’re male or female or under any category that man has invented, except, of course, the category of being alone. Being alone as a business owner is an option, a choice and now, in 2019, it is the time for you to grow and expand, to show the young people of today the miracles that can happen for a dancer in the struggle who has overcome their problems. It’s time to grow up. It’s time to unleash your dancing powers in the business world!

Have a great 2019!

When January is almost over and you’ve shown yourself what you can do by setting new limits for yourself, you’ll then be ready to listen to this song with a new light:


Nothing can stop the return of the determined human being who has a dream that only they can see, a dream that would benefit millions of people across the world! Let everyone around you know that you are “back to run the show!” You have stared your demons in the face and have killed them. You have cleansed your spirit. You are the greatest dancer!

Don’t Be the One… Be “Part of the Team!” (A Poem)

Doing everything yourself isn’t impossible, but it’s difficult.

Overcoming, by yourself, every obstacle isn’t mystical.

You chose to struggle harder without a team.

With countless opportunities to build your dream.

With hands to grab and show the way, you shouldered all the blame today.

Refusing to grab a hand, determined to make a stand. Who’s to blame today?

You think success is greater, when all the credit’s yours.

But how can it be greater when the celebrations over?

No one’s at the party, no one to take things over.

You reached your goal, but here you are, finally ready to partner.

Now that you’ve made it you want a link, an urban link in Kelowna.

But the people you hire, the people you train, call you a monster.

They do not know what you did to make things prosper.

If only you had a partner who knew the process.

You’re stuck doing things alone forever…


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kelowna bc

Get Linked! (Why You Should Partner Up in Kelowna BC)

Hey, you! Yeah I’m talking to you. Get linked, pal!


Linking up with a business partner means never doing things alone again. If you’re a business owner you know how hard it is to do everything yourself, so I’ll save you from that spiel (though there may be a post about that in the future for non-business owners).

There are hundreds and hundreds of benefits to having business partners on the top of my head, but I’m only going to share a few of the major ones today on this post. If you’re in urban Kelowna and are just starting out with your business, imagine how great it would feel to have someone you can call when you’re feeling stressed about something or you need a little help. What makes a good business partner is also something that needs a dedicated post, but I’ll quickly say a good business partner is someone who shoulders the burden with you. Making difficult decisions on your own can be rewarding but dangerous. Linking up with someone who knows your field or industry better than you do means you’ll make less mistakes.

So if you don’t have a business partner in Kelowna yet, start looking and come back later to read some amazing information we can’t wait to share. I plan to tell my story and how I made it big in Kelowna by partnering up with the right people.

To leave you today, I want to finish with a brief list of the reasons why it’s a good idea to have at least one partner involved in the administration and moderation of your business, someone with the same rank as you.

  1. If employees don’t like you, there’s still a chance they’ll like your co-owner.
  2. Growing your business in a new city means doing only half the work, or doing all of it while your partner handles the work back in Kelowna.
  3. Having staff parties are way more exciting when it’s not just your friends and staff who show up. Your partner can invite people too!
  4. Getting loans for new projects is easier when the banks know there isn’t just one person responsible for paying it back.

These are just some things you may have not thought about yet. In the near future we plan to share all the other hundreds of reasons why a partner is a good idea. So stay tuned!

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